Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Death sentence for Afghan reporter Sayed Perwiz Kaambaksh

I posted the following letter to '' I urge all people to write the Afghan president and express thier thoughts regarding the execution of an Afghanistan Reporter. The original story can be found by searching CNN for "Death sentence for Afghan reporter" link at this time is

Dear Sir,

Please read the full letter.

I’m not very diplomatic Sir but I recently saw and article about Sayed Perwiz Kaambaksh. That made me want to tell these three judges the following but I have no way of getting to them.

I can’t imagine a country so afraid of losing their religion or feeling that killing one man for the sake of a religion is right with God. I read this story about Sayed Perwiz Kaambaksh as reported by CNN. It made me think, what a very weak, threatened culture and religion that world have to kill to protect a dead prophet. I would also like to say that the three judge panel that judged this instance and sentenced Sayed Perwiz Kaambaksh will go to hell and nothing they do will make it right with Allah.

Religion should not be the reason for death of anybody. Catholics, Jews, Christians and all silly religions have killed in the name of their “GOD” at one time or another in history. None of them are correct in doing so and all have that shameful mark of blasphemy against their god. At what point in time is the Muslim religion? Will Muslim religious leaders continue to assault their own religion with their actions or will they step up and realize a person has the right to find religious in his/her own way. Anybody truly comfortable with their religion will arrive in heaven or hell by their own actions. The punishment for infractions are man made. They are not right with Allah.

Please let the three judges know how I feel. I was so pissed that three “judges” could feel so threatened by a piece of paper. I wish I could personally meet the men and personally help them realize the difference between what it is to believe in a god and to just mouth the words and past judgment.

I personally am not religious, that keeps me exempt from being jealous or worried that somebody isn’t praying to my dead deity. It means I can see each individual’s right to find god and happiness as they see fit.

It also excludes me from feeling bad when I see a “religious leader” find their way to hell or heaven sooner than later. I doubt you can change a man’s thoughts when they are so old and set in their ways. So as a non religious person not trying to get any god points I would recommend death to the three judges for their action and the fact that by the judges killing a man are committing blasphemy against Allah.

Dear president,

Please do what you can to get this letter translated and in the hands of the three judges.

I also would ask that you see in your heart and your religion to not let a 23 year old boy be executed for something so trivial. Step in and be a leader use your position for the good of your people and be true to your god. There is no need for another execution in the name of defending Allah. Peoples religious Gods can defend themselves and if they are as righteous as books and teachers would like you to believe then no god would ask for a death of a human. Only humans ask for the death of a human.



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